Calgary Braces

The result of orthodontic treatment is not just a beautiful smile – it also ensures a functional and healthy bite that lasts a lifetime for both adults and children. We offer a wide range of services for our patients:

Harmony Invisible Braces

These custom made invisible braces are designed for comfort and hygiene and allow you to smile throughout your orthodontic treatment because they are hidden behind the teeth! For many patients in Calgary braces that are traditionally on the outer surface of the teeth are not an option. Invisible braces are a great solution.

Invisalign in Calgary

This is a series of removable clear aligners: There are some limitations, but this is an excellent choice for patients who want a nicer smile, but don’t want the “braces” look.

Self-Ligating Brackets

These brackets are similar to traditional braces, but are designed to move the teeth with less binding and friction. If you have heard of ‘Damon’ brackets, this is the type of bracket being spoken of.

Stainless Steel Mini Braces, Tooth Coloured or Clear Braces

Braces are manufactured using several different materials. Clear braces are made of ceramic and give them a less noticeable appearance. Stainless steel braces are the smallest we have and provide a wide range of colours for our patients.

Braces for Children, Teens and Adults

Impact Orthodontics specializes in braces for patients of all ages. We offer many options for different levels of orthodontic need.

Calgary Invisalign

For many people in Calgary braces are the best way to achieve the smile they have always wanted. When looking in Calgary invisalign, metal, clear or hidden braces may all be options for you.

We see many patients that are very interested in Invisalign and Calgary has many Invisalign providers that can offer this option. For the team at Impact Orthodontics, located in Calgary, Invisalign is a part of our everyday.
We invite your questions and will be pleased to provide you with a better understanding of your particular treatment at any time.

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